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I can work with you to develop a winning identity that has an iconic simplicity that will work at any scale (from business card to billboard) and, most importantly, be remembered when your customers need what you have to offer.

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ASOC logo

Department of Agriculture Security Operations Center

The dog in this logo represents the many breeds of herding and livestock guardian dogs used throughout the United States and around the world to manage the herd and protect against predators. These dogs are loyal, friendly, tireless in their work, ever-vigilant of potential threats, and aggressive in protecting those in their charge - the perfect symbol for the ASOC, consistent with both its mission and enabling approach to security operations. The slash marks at the base of his neck pay tribute to the familiar green fields of the USDA logo.

Redefine Tour Mind - logo

Redefine Your Mind

This logo incorporates the "R" and "M" of the company name in a design that also represents two swans. The Swan - called Hamsa in Sanskrit - symbolizes grace, serenity, and transformation. It is almost exclusively herbivorous and monogamous (with one mate for life). The Redefine Your Mind company is a yoga clothing provider that embraces vegan and environmentally conscious lifestyle choices..

Walt Johns - logo

Walt Johns Guitars

This logo incorporates the strings and sound hole of a guitar on a field of blue to represent the guitars that Walt Johns creates and repairs as well as the blues and jazz he is known for playing.

David Samperi Flutes - logo

David Samperi Flutes

This logo not only is a monogram of the flute company owner's initials but also has a flowing grace that represents the music of his wind instruments.

Eastman Strings - logo

Eastman Strings

This logo has a hand-carved quality which reperesents the stringed instruments this company crafts and it also pays tribute to the old master makers like Antonio Stradivari who branded their instruments with their initials.

Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 112 - logo

Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 112

This logo incorporates the Maryland state map as well as the traditional symbology of the Deputy Sheriff's Association, of which this lodge is a member.

America's Author Maker - logo

America's Author Maker

This logo combines a patriotic star with a traditional ink pen nib to represent the American authors this company helps self publish.

Dungeness Brewing Co. - logo

Dungeness Brewing Co.

This logo features an illustration of an offbeat dungeness crab bench-pressing a beer keg. The dungeness crab is native to Washington state where this micro-brewery is based.


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